Bonus win for the USA reserve

Argentat-sur-Dordogne. The win was improved by 45 to 7 for Argentat (B) against Nontron (B). The American Argentat reserve team offers a big win over Nontron with 45-7.

As in the first stage and despite a heavy terrain, the locals offered a good meeting to the crowd by laying in the way to score three tries in a quarter of Vieillemaringe, Pouey-Mounou and Lepelletier.

Despite another converted try from Vieillemarine before the break, Nontron never gave up and would be rewarded at the start of the second half with a converted try 24 to 7, at the 41st. e minutes of play. Argentat will resume his advance to score by Valarcher a try converted by Tanguy Papon: 31 to 7.

An end to the match dominated by the USA

A slightly quieter period follows, partly due to the substitutions, and an end to the game dominated by the locals, who will inflate the result with two additional tries from Arthur Moreau, very sharp and voluntary. Essays transformed by Papon.


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