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McDonald's voici la vraie raison pourquoi Ronald McDonald a disparu de tous les restaurants !

Did you notice that? In recent years, the iconic character of McDonald’s, Ronald, has disappeared from the radar. We explain why. Where did Ronald McDonald’s go? The flagship clown of The McDonald’s brand has gradually disappeared from the radar… And the reason for this absence will surprise you. Ronald McDonald’s, the iconic clown of the … Read more

Sustainable food: Grand Challenge “Ferments of the future” is launched

Sustainable food: Grand Challenge "Ferments of the future" is launched

This unique program will particularly boost the research and development of new fermented foods intended for human consumption. Cheese, bread, yogurt, sausage, sauerkraut, kefir, wine… We already eat many traditional fermented foods. But we’ll probably have to eat new ones soon! This is at least one of the objectives of the Grand Challenge “Ferments of … Read more