US values ​​follow on Wall Street – 2023-01-17 at 11:28

US values ​​follow on Wall Street - 2023-01-17 at  11:28

PARIS, 17 janvier (Reuters) – Principales valeurs à suivre mardi à Wall Street : * GOLDMAN SACHS GS.N et MORGAN STANLEY MS.N doivent publier leurs résultats trimestriels avant l’ouverture de la séance à New York * MICROSOFT MSFT.O risque de recevoir un avertissement de la Commission européenne sur son offre d’achat d’ACTIVISION ATVI.O pour 69 … Read more

La Vitre wins USA

La Vitre wins USA

La Vitre “teleports” anywhere in the world… The Nantes start-up, which has already installed more than 300 windows, has 60 customers and 15 showrooms around the world. The youngest has just opened in the heart of New York City in Manhattan. The company’s “teleportation” solution makes it possible during a remote meeting to feel a … Read more

USA: 7-Eleven stores use classical music to scare away homeless people

Un magasin 7-Eleven,

Some 7-Eleven convenience stores in the US have decided to use classical music and opera as a tactic to deter homeless people from camping outside their stores. The store’s owner, Jagat Patel, claimed Austin police did not respond despite numerous complaints about the playing of classical music. According to him, the homeless population has been … Read more

What if the US defaulted on its debt?

What if the US defaulted on its debt?

The increase in the US national debt ceiling, which must be approved by Congress, regularly raises tensions between the two major parties in Washington’s political life. But this year, Republican control of the House of Representatives will push the tension to the limit. On the eve of the weekend, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent a … Read more

Kamala Harris: look back on a special year with the Vice President of the United States

Vanity Fair

When Kamala Harrisvice president of the United States, learns that the Supreme Court has just overturned the decision Turnip v. ford, jurisprudence guaranteeing the right to abortion throughout the territory of the United States, her first instinct is to call her husband. “I was furious, I said to myself ‘it’s not true, they dared’” she … Read more

What you need to know about the first bee vaccine approved in the US

En Amérique du Nord, les abeilles domestiques pollinisent 95 cultures différentes, dont les avocats, les amandes, les pommes et le soja.

Written on January 14, 2023 at 2:34 p.m Climate change, destruction of its habitats, pesticides and diseases… The depopulation of bees, whose population has declined dangerously in recent years, weakens the entire biodiversity and can have serious consequences for our agriculture. In an effort to remedy this, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved … Read more